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Reliance Well Servicing Rigs & Equipment

 What can our specialized oilfield service rigs do for you?

Pump truck

BWRig pump unit. 60 series engine with HT750 Allison Automatic Transmission. Tandom steer - tri-drive. SJPetro 5x5 triplex pump rated for 5000psi. 35m3 rig tank. Prefabs for over pump and manifold
Reliance Well servicing Tri drive

Class III Mobile Double Tri Drive with Tri Steer

Good for season 1 weight restrictions. 60 series engine with 5860 Allison Automatic Transmission. KSM 550 Drawworks with disc assist. 104 ft mast rated for 185,000 lbs 4 line and 220,000 lbs 6 line. Raised drillers pad. 4000m of 1/2 sandline. Prefabs for above and below work floor and for tubing board.
Tri Drive  Reliance Well Servicing Rig

Junktruck & Doghouse

Allison 3500 RDS-P Automatic Transmission. Truck carries the junk skid which can be unloaded near the rig and gives the crew easy access to the equipment on the skid. Stump test flange on skid for testing BOP's. Doghouse is a 34' tandom axle trailer. It has a 55kw Isuzu generator. Doghouse also carries the 4 station accumulator. Unit has a bathroom, fridge, microwave, countertops, lockers, desk for rig manager and walkways down the side.
Junktruck and doghouse reliance well servicing

35 ft 2009 ITB Trivan
3 axles, Goose Neck, Tool room with work bench, 40 kw Isuzu light plant, storage bins. Crew change room with lockers, counter top, microwave, fridge, desk for rig manager. Bathroom, A/C.
Trivan ITB Reliance well servicing rig

Tandom steer - Tri-Drive

60 Series engine, 5860 Allison Transmission. 72 ft mast rated for 140,000 lbs (62.3daN) 4 line. Cooper 42x12 drawworks. 3000m of 9/16 sand line.
Tandom Steer Tri Drive  Reliance Well Servicing Rig

Pump truck

Westernstar with sleeper. 60 Series engine, HT750DRD Allison Transmission Tandom steer - Tri-drive 5x5  SJ Petro triplex pump rated for 5000psi, 35m3  ng tank.

2003 Crown WTD-350

Derrick 72' Stiff Mast, Free Standing with 12ft. Legs • Drawworks C1350DD, Disc Brake • Powered by Series 60/425HP Detroit diesel • Static Hookload 140,000 lbs. W/ 4 lines • Allison Transmission HT750 DR • Rated for 2800m of 2 7/8" tubing • 4000m of 9/16" Sandline • Electronic weight indicator & sandline counter
Crown WTD reliance well servicing rigs

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