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     Reliance Well Servicing provides service rigs to the Alberta Oilfield.
          We provide a wide range of services including but not limited to :
                                                     - Production Work
                                                     - Completions
                                                     - Workovers
                                                     - Swabbing 

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Production Work
- Repair or maintenance work on a well producing
oil or gas.

Workover - Operations on a producing well to restore or increase production.
A workover may be performed to stimulate the well, remove
sand or wax from the wellbore or to mechanically repair the well.

Completion - All activities necessary to put a well into production after it has been drilled.
Once the drilling rig is finished drilling, a completion rig usually
comes in to help get the well producing oil or gas.

Swabbing - How the flow of reservoir hydrocarbons is initiated in some completed wells.

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